Spray Tan in Milbridge ME

This article discusses organic tanners and spray tanning in Milbridge ME:

Now, with our modern techniques, tans can be obtained all year long. Dermatologist and the Cancer Society are on a widespread campaign to inform the public about the dangers of long-term tanning in the sun or tanning in a tanning bed.

The alternative has been self-tanning solutions and now, spray tanning at your local tanning salon or spa in Milbridge ME is available in many different forms.

Spray tanning is a great way to provide yourself with a tan without the harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause skin damage, dryness and even cancer. The natural skin care companies have come out with their own sunless tanning products.

These have progressed over the years by experimentation with different dyes, etc. The earlier products were known to come off of the skin onto the clothing. They have created organic based sprays which will not rub off.

Sunless tanning products contain the active ingredient, DHA or dihydroxyacetone. Some are produced synthetically while organic tanners usually derive their DHA from vegetable sources. The DHA when applied in the form of a cream, lotion or even spray combines with our epidermis or outer skin layer cells and it will temporarily darken the skin, thus creating the appearance of a tan.

As in any tan, our dead skin cells with the tanned skin gradually shed from the surface and the tan disappears. Some natural skin care companies in Milbridge ME use organic soy extracts with sugar which gives a very natural tanned appearance and tone to the skin. Along with these extracts are added jojoba oil or possibly aloe vera which provide the tanners with a moisturizing effect.

Lavera Sunless self-tanning lotion is an extremely popular organic tanner, and is made from soy extracts and also utilize sugar with their product to provide a natural tan to the skin. Their product combined with aloe vera, rose oil make it a beautiful natural self tanner with a moisturizing effect to the lotion.

Spray Tanning:

Spray tanning has become a new version of safe tanning in Milbridge ME. The standard type of spray tanning usually contains dyes, alcohol with innumerable chemicals. You do not have to be stuck with this type and can also go organic if you prefer. Many prefer the organic spray tanning due to the lack of chemicals in the spray tanner.

The original spray tanners had an odor that was very chemical in origin. They were definitely an alternative way to get a safe tan, but you did not have the aroma of safety. That made people wonder if it was good to apply to the skin.

There really is no difference in the cost and many in Milbridge ME prefer the organic and feel it would be worth it, even if it did have a higher price tag.

Many of the organic spray tanners contain mineral salts. This provides the bronzing effect. The time spent is approximately 15 minutes and the tan darkens over approximately a ten hour period.

Spray Tan Solution

Spray Tan Solution

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