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Spray tan courses are available in many forms in Knox NY, specialist beauty schools run courses, some of the bigger beauty salons run short training courses, usually a few hours in length. In reality how much can you learn in a few short hours. Not only are they quite rushed, they usually charge a couple hundred dollars for their fast paced training.

Spray tans are an extremely popular beauty treatment for women in Knox NY, it’s also seen as very good value for money.

Apart from the gorgeous look one enjoys after treatment, it’s also one of the only really safe ways of getting a tan. No more baking yourself to a crisp in the hot sun, just to have that sun bronzed look.

Remember the red burning skin after a long day sun baking, only to have your tan peel a few a days later. These are some of the many reasons Spray tanning has become massively popular and is now most sought after. We mentioned spray tan courses in schools and salons, but another really popular way to learn about spray tans, is to complete a course at home, these courses are a much cheaper option with a few more benefits.

The courses are done at your own home in Knox NY, so there’s no travelling to schools or salons, you can take your time and study at your own pace, no pushing you out the door at the end of the day to face the world on your own. The course can be worked around family schedules, and you can review sections of the course when you want.

A good course should cover everything from customers needs to finding new customers and marketing your business in a professional way. Spray tanning is a growing industry as stories of skin cancers become more frequent, it will grow year by year offering a really solid business to be involved in.

The service itself, doesn’t require any heavy lifting and is very rewarding, when customers continually compliment you for their great looking tan. You can use your own car to service clients in Knox NY as there is not too much equipment needed.

Spray tanning parties are becoming popular, at these parties you set up and spray in some cases quite a few people, all at the same location. Imagine making money that easy just set your gear up once and do a group of people. This would be one of the most profitable events you can attend, although bridal parties, school formals are all good money earners as well.

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