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If you had just gotten a spray tan in Adah PA, you might want to know how to take care of and maintain it. People pay a lot of money sometimes for a good spray tanning session so it would be worth taking a little time to learn how to make the best of it. A spray on tan can last 2 days or it can last 10 days it’s all up to how you preserve it. Right after a session there are thing you need to be aware of to tan nicely like the clothes you wear, exposure to water, and shaving. You also need to know how to maintain it in order to prolong it as much as possible.

Immediately after a spray tan you shouldn’t wear anything tight to your skin. Don’t wear socks or shoes. You need to wear loose fitted clothing and a pair of slippers or flip flops will be great. Wearing loose clothes will not rub off tanning solution. Just make sure you pick out dark clothes so that the tan stains are not obvious.

Do not go swimming or shower until at least 6 hours after treatment in Adah PA. Excess sweating may also interfere with the results. If you take an early shower or swim you will stop darkening and will not get optimal results.

If you want a long lasting tan take quick cold showers. If you use hot water and take long baths your dead skin cells will come off quicker for a shorter tan. After taking cold showers you don’t want to rub your skin dry because it will also rub of the tan. The best way is to either air dry or pat dry.

Don’t go swimming in a pool with chlorine and don’t swim in salt water. The salt and the chlorine will make your tan fade quicker.

Moisturizing your skin is also necessary to keep the tan long lasting and vibrant. Preserving your skin condition by keeping it moist will prevent dead skin from falling off quicker, therefore a longer tan. If you drink a lot of water this should also do good.

Tanning can make many people look their best. Not everyone can look good in a tan and not everyone likes to tan. You would be surprised at how many people in Adah PA would still prefer to sun bathe even with all the risks from the sun. A spray tan can look very natural depending on how well it was applied and it can last as long as you are careful with the way you dress when you leave the salon or the spa. You need to remember not to shower immediately and how to properly maintain it.

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